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We don't like to turn anybody away, but due to high demand and long travel times, we only cover the following zip codes. We're still totally happy to talk and answer any questions you have, but we may not be able to take you on as a client and/or will have to charge a (possibly hefty) travel fee. Sorry!

Zip Codes We Cover

If we don't cover your area, check this link to find a qualified dog trainer near you.


Training your dog never really ends and your dog will be learning throughout its entire life – which is why once you start training with Best Dogs Ever, you get our "Lifetime Tech Support" for your dog: For as long as you own your dog, we will be available through phone, text or email to answer any training or behavior related questions about your dog. (Any medical questions should always go to your vet!) It may take us a day to get back in touch with you, but we will. We'll be happy to talk your ear off on the phone, or write you a lengthy email of information. If it's a problem we need to show up in person for, we'll have to set up a session and charge you, but once you've begun training, our time remotely is free of charge.

Phone Conversation


It all starts here. Schedule a FREE 20 minute phone conversation, either to set up a session or just to ask us any questions you may have about our approach, your dog, whatever.

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Puppy 101


Designed for the new puppy owner. What you start teaching your puppy immediately can make the difference between a canine catastrophe and a lifetime of easy living with your dog! It's particularly important to learn how to raise your puppy before they reach 3 months of age, as that's a very important developmental period.

Puppy 101 is split into two 1-hour sessions that contain all the information you need to get your puppy started out right on the path to being a happy, friendly, attentive and obedient dog. Plus, learn how to avoid the headaches of puppyhood - chewing, housetraining, nipping, barking and more.

$225 for two 1-hour sessions
Requires a Phone Conversation first

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Initial Visit

The Initial Visit is both a chance to evaluate your dog's needs and a training session on its own. The Initial Visit will last 1 to 1 1/2 hours at your home, and will cover your dog's history, special requirements, your goals and what kind of training best fits your individual needs, schedule and lifestyle.

The Initial Visit will also include techniques, tips and training that you can start using immediately. For many owners, just the Initial Visit is all the help they need.

$175 for a 60-90 minute session
Requires a Phone Conversation first.

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Let us teach you how to train your dog. Using the principles of positive reinforcement and behavioral science, your dog will be listening and responding to you eagerly in no time at all, and you can even help your dog overcome issues with fear, aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity and so much more.

Coaching sessions are about 1 hour long and are typically held once every one to two weeks, according to your dog's needs and your schedule and budget. There are no packages or obligations – continue training for as long as you are happy with your dog's progress, stop when you've reached your goals.

$175 per 1 hour session
Requires Initial Visit first (which requires a Phone Conversation).

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Day Training

It would be wonderful if everyone had the time and patience to train their own dogs, but jobs, commutes and just life in general can make that unrealistic. Day Training offers you the chance to have your dog trained by a professional trainer in the security of its own home, without the stress of sending it away to a "Board & Train."

With Day Training, we will come to your home four times a week for one hour during the day and work with your dog directly, even if you're away at work. (Or you can stay and watch!) An Initial Visit is required before we can estimate how many weeks are necessary for the training you want done.

NOTE: Day Training is typically not appropriate for behavior issues such as aggression, fear and hyperactivity, where Coaching (see above) is often the better option.

The Day Training program also includes "Transfer Sessions" every 1 to 2 weeks, where you will be shown what your dog has learned, how to get them to respond promptly to you, and how to make sure that they stay great at those behaviors for the rest of their life.

In addition to being stress-free for you, you get the advantage of having your dog learn at a speed only a professional trainer can give. Best Dogs Ever's methods are 100% humane and positive. Your home and your dogs are in safe hands.

$550 per week per dog
(4 sessions/week)
Requires Initial Visit before scheduling Day Training

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Group Classes and Other Services

Best Dogs Ever does not currently provide group classes, dog walking services, grooming, etc. We just do private training right now!

If you are looking for group classes in the Valley, we strongly recommend J9's K9s Dog Training. They offer classes in Canoga Park, Northridge, and Burbank/Glendale.

Click Here to sign up for a J9's K9s Group Class

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