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Services and Rates

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation gives you and your dog a chance to meet us before training and is prerequisite for most Day Training and Coaching programs. We'll will come to your home and help you decide what kind and how much training best suits you and your dog's needs. 

Sessions typically last about 1 hour and will cover your dog's history, past training if any, living environment, your goals for the dog and what training will work best with your lifestyle. The initial consultation carries no obligation for further training.

Initial Consultation $75
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Let us teach you how to train your dog. Using the principles of positive reinforcement, your dog will be listening and responding to you eagerly in no time at all, and you can even help your dog overcome issues with fear, aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity and so much more.

Coaching sessions are about 1 hour long and are typically held once every one to two weeks.

Coaching $190/session
(Initial Consultation required)
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Day Training

It would be wonderful if everyone had the time and patience to train their own dogs, but jobs, commutes and just life in general can make that unrealistic. Day Training offers you the chance to have your dog trained by a professional trainer in the security of its own home, without the stress of sending it away to a "Board Train."

WIth Day Training, we will come to your home four times a week during the day and work with your dog directly while you work. (Day Training is sometimes not appropriate for behavior issues such as aggression, fear and hyperactivity, where Coaching is often the better option.)

The Day Training program also includes a "Transfer Session" every 1 to 2 weeks, where you will be shown what your dog has learned, how to get him to respond promptly to you, and how to make sure that he stays great at the behaviors for the rest of his life.

In addition to being stress-free for you, you get the advantage of having your dog learn at a speed only a professional trainer can give. Best Dogs Ever's methods are 100% humane and positive.  Your home and your dogs are in safe hands.

Day Training $550/week
(Initial consultation required)
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Other Services

We do not currently offer pet sitting, dog walking or kenneling services. However, we are friends with other dog professionals in the San Fernando Valley area that may be able to suit your needs. Follow the link below to find some of the other dog professionals in your area.

Our Friends

Puppy 101


Designed for the new puppy owner. What your puppy learns by the age of 4 months can make the difference between a canine catastrophe and a lifetime of easy living with your dog!

This one-time, 2 hour session is all the information you need to get your puppy started out right on the path to being a happy, friendly, attentive and obedient dog. Plus learn how to avoid the headaches of puppyhood - chewing, housetraining, nipping, barking and more.

Puppy 101 $225

Group Classes

Best Dogs Ever is not currently offering a group class. However, we highly recommend the group classes offered by J9's K9s Dog Training. They offer classes in:

  • Canoga Park
  • Granada Hills
  • Northridge
  • Burbank
  • Glendale
Click here to sign up for a Group Class

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