Hudson Shock, CPDT-KA

Best Dogs Ever - Positive Reinforcement Dog Training by Hudson ShoclHudson is a professional studio dog trainer, a member of the APDT, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a member of the Pet Professional Guild.

His previous two boxers were both Canine Good Citizens and Certified Therapy Dogs, and worked professionally in feature film and tv.  His current two dogs are benefitting that Hudson is too busy with Best Dogs Ever to have time to put them in movies!  They just get to have fun.  Poor dogs.

Hudson does private, in-home, force-free, reward-based positive dog training methods to create dogs that obey reliably and enthusiastically.

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You love your dog and would do any thing for him or her. But like most people in the city, you have a busy life and long commutes and there's just not the time to put in each day giving your dog the training it needs. Luckily for you and your dog, there is Day Training.

With Day Training, you get an experienced trainer doing private, in-home dog training directly with your dog in the security of your own home four times a week while you are at work. Regular transfer sessions will show you what your dog has learned and how to keep your dog performing at peak level for the rest of its life. We do the work, you reap the benefits.

Day Training - Fun for your dog.
Easy on you.

Learn More about In-Home, Private Day Training for your dog!

Find the Dog Training That Fits Your Needs.

INITIAL VISIT - A 1-on-1 session to determine just what training is right for your dog and you, and provide guidance & techniques that you can start using immediately to improve your dog's behavior.

DAY TRAINING - Let us train your dog for you!

COACHING - Learn the secrets of teaching your dog yourself

PUPPY 101 - New puppy? This one-time session will get you started off on the right foot to raise a happy, attentive dog.

Regardless of what you choose, ALL training with Best Dogs Ever is force-free, pain-free, positive and, most of all, fun for your dog!

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"What I love about Hudson's teaching is that he gets inside the dogs brain and almost rewires it by rewarding good behavior."

Worth absolutely every penny! Hudson is amazing and will have your dog behaving liked you always hoped they would."

I'm often complimented by passersby who say, "Wow! What an amazingly well behaved dog! Who trained him?" HUDSON SHOCK!"

"I would strongly urge anyone with a rescue or new dog to train with Hudson. You won't be disappointed!"

"A lady asked me on my hike today if I was a professional dog trainer! LOL!! NO! but... I learned the techniques I'm using from Hudson Shock at Best Dogs Ever and highly recommend him!"

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